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Manifesto 2017 - Kalpesh Singh
I've started writing my annual Manifesto last year. As usual this year's Manifesto inspired from Trello's cards design. Apart from design, this year I've also changed concept of goals. I asked my fellas to throw three challenges. Each card represents their brief profile, their challenges etc.

If you have something intrested and you think it can make my year a bit exciting then do share your challenges on Twitter . I would love to dedicate one card for you and will complete it.
Laura Reen
Prague, Czech Republic
Icon designer, Cat lover, Bibliophile
Laura challenged me
  • Run 10K
  • Write 12 articles
  • See 5 sunset in different places
  1. I broke my PR in this run and covered 10.2K in 01:11:46 hr. with avg. pace of 06:59/K.

  2. I have seen two sunsets in two different Indian states.

  3. I have written one article and one is under editorial review.

Hamza Alalach
Taounate, Morocco
Techie, Music lover, Diavazophile
Hamza challenged me
  • Learn NodeJS
  • Explore Islam
  • Meet 25 new people
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Kalpesh Singh
Bombay, India
Wanderer, Fiction, Street food
Kalpesh challenged himself
  • Diversity in learning
  • Learn Raspberry Pi
  • Git contribution/ Develop viral utility
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Somewhere, Earth
Things, Define, You
You challenged me
  • Cool challenge
  • Awesome challenge
  • Fantastic challenge
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